Sunday, April 02, 2006

Better get to it!

The Nova Scotia paddle season is about to start with a vengeance, as our local club ramps up for the season. Actually for me, there is no specific kayak season, unless "hot" and "cold" qualify... any excuse to kayak on any given day is a good one. In fact, as of last month I completed 5 full years of paddling each and every month, summer and winter. Not a single trip, no matter how frigid or bouncy, was completed for the singular attainment of this goal, they just happened. And I'm damn glad they did.
I'm excited beyond words to be hosting my old friend Wendy Killoran, and Greenland style paddler par excellence Freya Hoffmeister next month, as they gear up for Wendy's 'Round the Rock expedition. Freya will accompany Wendy on the first leg of her incredible journey around the entire province of Newfoundland, from Port Aux Basques to St. John's. Wendy is a kayaker's kayaker, a true good soul. She'll arrive at my Nova Scotia home by car on or about the 2nd of May, and we'll make the 100km drive to Halifax International the following evening to scoop up Freya. I'm very much looking forward to meeting her, and consider myself honoured to be allowed the opportunity to help these paddlers out in a (very) small way.